Mara was born with Familial Dysautonomia, a rare genetic disease that is progressive, degenerative and makes it difficult for her to communicate and. She spent much of her childhood traveling from doctor to doctor  searching for the reasons behind her developmental delays and peculiar health problems. It wasn’t until Mara nearly died when she was 10, that she received an accurate diagnosis. 

When Mara was exposed to drawing with charcoal and pastels, she discovered a medium that helped her to finally communicate the complex emotions and insights that were trapped behind her challenges with verbal communication. As Mara has grown up, and grown as an artist, her career has blossomed. Mara, and her artwork, is now beginning to receive critical acclaim - Living Art follows her as she prepares for the opening of the biggest solo gallery show of her life. 

But, everyday is a struggle for Mara, and even as she emerges as an artist she is unable to fully escape the health challenges of her disease which, according to Mara, follow her around “like a shadow”. Throughout it all, Mara’s positive outlook and loving kindness inspire everyone she meets to create a better world.