Mara Clawson, 1987

Mara Clawson, 1987

Mara Clawson, 1998

Mara Clawson, 1998


Every day we gravitate towards the familiar, shy away from what we don’t understand and are fearful of the unknown. Mara Clawson, the subject of the documentary film Living Art, sees a world where we are all equals, where we all make important contributions to our communities, and where we all have our own chance to be happy.

LIVING ART is a grass roots education campaign based on the documentary film of the same name. The campaign will include the creation of educational materials, the implementation of those materials in schools across the country, and the establishment and cultivation of strategic partnerships.

Broad cross sector research shows that visual media storytelling is an effective tactic to raise awareness, educate and, importantly, motivate behavioral change. The Fledgling Fund, a leading voice in the conversation on creative media impact writes that :

“ A well made documentary film – especially one with a compelling narrative and a well-crafted outreach plan, can serve as a catalyst to change minds, encourage viewers to alter entrenched behaviors and start, inform or reenergize social movements.”

This is precisely what we propose to do with an Education Campaign built around Living Art. We will build a customized curriculum that guides high school students and teachers through a lesson that touches on issues of disability and inclusion, and helps them to understand the important contributions every member of society makes.


We will create a discussion guide and lesson plan that meets core curriculum requirements.


We will connect with school districts and teacher networks to distribute the resources.


We will collaborate with partners to make sure all information is accurate and designed for impact.


We will present at conferences and festivals throughout the country to expand our reach.